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Entry Control Systems Atlanta LogoJeanie Wooster is an experienced expert on the subject of Automatic Gates in Atlanta. As a commercial real estate developer and the president of a home owners’ association, Jeanie knows the importance of an automatic gate company that can be relied upon to design, install, and maintain these automatic gates in Atlanta. So what did Jeanie do when she couldn’t get the service she wanted for her gates? She started a new gate company!

Entry Control Systems, was conceived during a coincidental late afternoon meeting between Jeanie, Phil Wilkins, and Russ Thomas. The three friends were standing around examining a habitually non-functioning entry gate at the town home community where Jeanie and Russ live.

Quite literally discussions began “over this broken gate,” about the seemingly daunting task of finding a professional, reliable, and/or effective automatic gate installation and repair company which also knew and understood the associated telephone entry hardware and access control devices prevalent in multifamily gated communities.

One conversation led to another and before long, these three friends had plans underway to create their company, Entry Control Systems, that grew out of that broken gate. Their new company would be dedicated to first-class service to its clients, have vans stocked with the best products available to the automatic gate industry, be staffed by courteous, well-trained technicians, and supported by leading-edge technology in order to ensure efficient delivery of service in Atlanta.

Thus was born Entry Control Systems to install, service and maintain automatic gates in Atlanta!

Entry Control Systems is committed to:

•Offering the highest quality entry and access control systems for gates and doors . . .
•Providing professional and quality service at an affordable rate by fully trained certified and licensed technicians . . .
•Educating our clients about the products we offer and recommending the best solution for each application.

Shortly after forming the new company, the gate at The Stove Works needed their assistance with a fallen gate, but the team at Blue Sombrero did some emergency maintenance which sufficed until the experts could be summoned.

If you need gate service or know anyone else who is tired of the service they have been getting please give Entry Controls a call at 404-793-5600.

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