Gov. Deal Apointments Ga State Workforce Investment Board

State Seal of GeorgiaGovernor Nathan Deal appointed Mel Stowers to the Georgia State Workforce Investment Board in 2011.  The following is a statement describing the duties of the board:

The Board is comprised of individuals representing business, organized labor, migrant farm workers, state legislators, youth and community based organizations, education, county and city elected officials, and state agency heads.

Members of the Board serve in an advisory capacity to the Governor, and assist in: preparing the state workforce development plan; designating local workforce investment areas; developing allocation formulas; developing a performance plan with performance measures; developing a system for continuous improvement; preparing the annual report; and developing the statewide employment statistics system.

The Board’s mission is to bring business, labor, education and the public sector together to develop strategies and support efforts to best meet the needs of the state’s workforce and employers, thereby enhancing Georgia’s competitiveness in the global economy.” The Department has a new initiative to train Georgia’s workforce titled, Go Build Georgia.

Mel Stowers is honored to be serving in this capacity with public officials and private employers across the state of Georgia.

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